Our mission: Animal rescue center

Familizoo is among others:

A rescue center

A refuge for Canadian wildlife and for exotics animals

Breeding ground

Breeding ground
for endangered animals

A safe

An healthy and safe place for animals of all kinds in need

Breeding ground for endangered species

Familizoo emphasizes the importance of habitats and the reproduction of species that are threatened with extinction.

Lots of animals with different problems such as loss of sight, hair loss, malnutrition, were welcomed at Familizoo to receive special care.

These animals have in no way been removed from their natural habitat. They were already born in captivity.

Animal species protection

One mission of the Familizoo is to inform general public about the importance of conserving our great natural resources, whether it is Canadian flora and its inhabitants as well as it is for the species from all around the world.

A dedicated and passionate professional team

We want to offer our visitors a unique and educative experience with our team made of professionals dedicated to the animal world and of passionate employees.